Long-haul truckers spend most of the day sitting. Therefore, keeping fit can be a challenge for many because they aren’t burning as many calories during the day. Staying fit while long-haul trucking requires discipline and preparation. You need to focus on keeping healthy foods on hand. There are exercises that truckers can do while driving (safely). You can also exercise during quick breaks or before or after work. And finally, don’t forget that long-haul trucking allows you to explore new areas while getting fit.

Staying Fit While Long-Haul Trucking: Exercises and Healthy Choices

Preparing for Your Day With Healthy Snacks

Staying fit while long-haul trucking starts with nutrition. If you keep healthy snacks like nuts or fruit, you won’t need to feel guilty for snacking. Prepare for your day by packing snacks that you can reach easily. If you prefer chips or pretzels, count out an appropriate portion and keep that in a little baggie instead of reaching for the whole bag. Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast each morning. After that, eat every three hours so that you’ll stay satisfied. As a result, you’ll be less likely to binge later.

Exercises While Driving

There are exercises you can do on the road if you’re working on staying fit while long-haul trucking. Make sure and only do these when you are not needing to concentrate on switching lanes. But if you find yourself on an uncrowded straight stretch of road, try these moves. Engage your abdominal muscles by pulling your belly button in. Hold for fifteen seconds and then release for five seconds. Repeat this for a full minute, and try to do two or three reps. Do this same move by engaging your gluteus muscles. Finally, do the same exercise holding tennis balls between your inner thighs and squeezing.

Make Time for Health

If your goal is working on staying fit while long-haul trucking, try to make time for serious exercise. Before you begin driving each morning get ten minutes of exercise in. With breaks, again, try to get a few minutes in. If you’d rather do a longer workout, try to squeeze one in after work. If you only have a few minutes here and there, try to make sure your heart rate is up the whole time. Higher impact cardio or quick reps of weight lifting are most effective if your time is limited.

Utilize Your Opportunity

Finally, staying fit while long-haul trucking can be fun! You have a unique opportunity to explore different parts of America with your job. Take advantage of your job by finding fun ways to get exercise while exploring America. For example, find an interesting hike near your destination. Make your job work for you and your health goals.

Staying fit while long-haul trucking requires determination. You can achieve your goals if you prepare ahead of time with healthy snacks. Fit a few workouts in here and there while driving during your day. You can also squeeze a workout in during your break time or after your workday. And finally, don’t forget to take advantage of your job and explore interesting sites in America while getting exercise. Getting fit while long-haul trucking can be a fun way to take control of your health.