The moments following a car accident can be extremely chaotic. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to follow the necessary post accident steps that help you to establish your case, and argue it if the time comes. You’re dazed, in a shock, and likely trying to consider whether or not you should go to the hospital. For these reasons, among others, we’ve come up with a post accident guide to make sure you get the information you need and cover your bases. Of course, if you are seriously injured, go straight to the hospital. While these post accident steps are important, they are not more important than your health and wellness.

Post Accident Steps: Getting Necessary Information

Check For Injuries

Okay, so this seems obvious, right? But it may be surprising how many times injuries can go unnoticed in the moments after an accident. Because you are in shock and fearful, your adrenaline is kicking in and it may be more difficult to sense pain. So, if you aren’t actually bleeding or showing obvious signs of injury, you may assume you are fine. However, you may actually be suffering from injuries and need medical attention. For these reasons, before addressing the scene, take a moment to check in with yourself.

Don’t Discuss Details With the Other Driver

In an accident, almost always, one party will be considered at fault. However, in many cases, neither driver can agree on which party that is. Therefore, in the moments after an accident, tensions can run high. Either one of you might injured or angry, which can lead to instances that may hurt your case. Take a moment, do not address the other driver except to make sure they’re okay, and then go about recording the scene.

Take photos of each car, license plate, the scene, injuries, and so forth. You want to document as many details as possible. Even write down what you can remember. Every detail can go a long way in establishing, and strengthening your case.

Get the Driver’s Information

After documenting the scene, get the other driver’s information. Take down name, phone number, best point of contact, insurance information, vehicle make and model, as well as license plate number. You’ll need to have all of this information at a later date.

File a Police Report

Lastly, as the police arrive, it’s important that you file a report. Give your account of the accident, all relevant information, and answer any questions. In most cases, one of you will cal 911, or a passerby will do so. Therefore, you likely will not have to go far out of your way to make that police report.