If your summer plans involve visiting a large city, there’s a chance you may be driving in major city traffic. Backroads and interstate highways are more your speed, driving in a big city can be a drastic change from your normal routes. If possible, utilize public transportation or ride sharing apps as much as possible. These alternatives will cut down on your stress and allow you to more freely enjoy your trip. If you can’t avoid driving, don’t worry! Here are some tips to make your time in the city easier.

Major City Traffic: Navigating Your Way

Avoid Rush Hour

Major city traffic is at it’s peak during rush hour. The hours of 7-9am and 4-6pm are usually much busier than other hours for the roads in the city. If you can avoid driving during these hours, you’ll encounter less traffic.

Pedestrians and Crosswalks

Larger cities are home to numerous crosswalks and pedestrians. Because of this, you must be alert and aware at all times. While there are designated crosswalks for a reason, some will jaywalk (crossing a street illegally). Pedestrians add to major city traffic because you have to yield to them. Just be aware of your surrounds and check your blind spots during turns and lane changes.

The Right Lane is Your Best Friend

For those who are unfamiliar with the city, your best bet is to stay in the right lane. This will help when you are looking for turns, exits, or landmarks. The right lane is known for slower drivers, which is exactly where you’ll want to be next to all the major city traffic you’ll be encountering.


Keep in mind that parking is usually difficult to find in larger cities. Part of the major city traffic problem is the backup parking on streets can cause. If you are uncomfortable parallel parking, try to find a parking garage in a central location. Once parked for the day, you can easily walk to most of your destinations. Additionally, parking garages provide more safety to your vehicle, as they are usually under surveillance.