The US is a huge country. From east to west it is around 2,800 miles across. While there are some sprawling cities, there are wide expanses of nothing as well. If you are planning on driving long distances within the US, there is a good chance you will drive through stretches of lots of nothing. Before you set out on your trip, you should be prepared for driving in remote areas.

How-to: Prepare for Driving in Remote Areas: Long Distance Driving


If you are going to be going to be driving in remote areas, you should make sure you have plenty of fuel. It may be a long-distance between gas stations. If you are not careful, you could run out of gas. Before you leave, make sure you fill up. Top your tank off while you are still in populated areas. Otherwise, you may end up in a bind before you even know it. Sometimes, these rural areas do not have good cell service and the roads may not be heavily traveled. Therefore, if you were to run out of gas, you could have a really difficult time getting help.

Snacks and Drinks

Just like with gas stations, restaurants are hard to come by when you are driving in remote areas. Make sure to pack some water and snacks with you so that you do not get hungry along the way. This can also be helpful in the event your car breaks down or you get into an accident. It may also be a good idea to eat somewhere before you leave a populated area. Just make sure that you also take a restroom break before you get too far out as well.

Plan Your Route

Since there may be little to no cell phone or internet service in rural areas, be sure to know your route ahead of time. You may not be able to use your phone or GPS for navigation if you have not already set up the directions. In preparation for driving in remote areas, download maps on your phone of the area you will be driving through. You can do this on Google Maps or