Defensive driving is a set of skills that allows you to protect yourself against possible collisions. These could be caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, bad weather, and many other things. Being a defensive driver means being a safe driver. Knowing and using defensive driving techniques will help you to stay save on the road.

How-to Use Defensive Driving Techniques: Safe Driving

Avoid Distractions

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers. Avoiding distractions is one of the defensive driving techniques. For example, looking at or using cell phones and messing with the radio can be very distracting to a driver. Also, if there is a passenger in the car, it can be easy to get distracted while talking to them. Even trying to eat or dig through a purse while driving can take your mind off of the road. Staying focused on the road and not on other distractions will keep you safer. You will be better able to react to other cars, debris, and other hazards. Plus, you will be able to stay in your lane and follow the road better.

Reacting to Others

Being able to react to others is on the list of defensive driving techniques. To avoid accidents, you have to be able to react to other things on the road. For example, if a car swerves into your lane, you need to be able to react, while also paying attention to other things around you. You will also need to watch for brake lights ahead of you, debris in the road, pot holes, and anything else that could get in your way. You will need to be paying attention to what is going on all around you, so that if you need to react quickly, you will know what other obstacles could be all around you.

Do your best to stay a safe following distance behind the car in front of you. This will allow you plenty of time to brake if the cars ahead of you brake suddenly. By keeping distance, you will have more time to react and avoid hitting them in the back of their car.

Control Your Speed

Over time you will get better at being able to control your speed. This is an acquired defensive driving technique. You will learn how the car feels at different speeds and be able to stay at that speed easily. It can be dangerous to drive too fast as well as too slow. Pay attention to the conditions, and drive appropriately. When on the highway for long distances, cruise control can be a good option for maintaining a speed. Keep in mind that cruise control can be dangerous in rainy or slick conditions, as your car will not be able brake as quickly with cruise control on.

Following these defensive driving techniques will make you a safer driver. This will reduce your risk for an accident. By avoiding distractions, reacting to others, and controlling your speed, you will keep yourself and others safe while on the road.