Our SC Traffic


Our SC traffic lawyers team is here to answer your questions, make sense of your case, and help ease your mind during the difficult days surrounding your charge. Every case is different, as is every outcome. However, if we work together, we might just reach your intended result. But before we can do that, it’s important that you get to know the people that are here to help you…

With 30 years of trial experience, Robert J. Reeves is the founding member of our firm and an experienced litigator in both North and South Carolina. Together with Zac Fry, a former SC prosecutor, they stand ready to take your case to trial if necessary. Fortunately, most cases can be negotiated and resolved without going to court. But we stand ready to do whatever is necessary to protect your rights. Furthermore, your wants and needs are our priority. Therefore, your desired result is our intended outcome. So call now and let’s see what we can do to help before you move forward in hiring SC traffic lawyers to represent you. Call Robert J. Reeves today at (864)760- 8252.
Zac Fry is a former South Carolina prosecutor and a current trial attorney in SC DUI and DUAC arrests, as well as traffic cases. While working in the Sixteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, Zac prosecuted over 400 DUI cases. Now in private practice, he fights for the rights of those accused of crimes and helps his clients reach their best possible outcome in court. While most speeding tickets can be negotiated outside of the courtroom, you always have to be prepared to take it to court. However, this decision is entirely up to you. In short, because we work to meet your best interests, you decide what is the right decision in your case. We will follow your lead. Call Zac Fry today at (803)250- 9454.