If you’re preparing for a big road trip, you have a lot of preparation to do. From packing, getting road snacks, designating stops, and making sure everyone shows up on time— you’ll likely make a few lists in your time preparing for a long trip down the highway. As you prepare for everything you’ll need, we urge you to take a moment and consider a few road trip safety tips for safe driving, and keeping, as you start the long journey towards your destination. But, the good thing about this list, is that we’ve already made it for you.

Road Trip Safety Tips: Reaching Your Destination & Avoiding Accident 

Get your car serviced

If you’re taking your vehicle on the long trip, consider getting it serviced beforehand. Have your tires, battery, belts, AC, and fluids checked out. Make sure all is in working order, and ready for hundreds (or thousands) of miles. Tell your mechanic your plans, and ask if they suggest anything in particular for the long haul. For example, high viscosity oil for hot climates.


The statistics on car accidents in relation to a tired driver is pretty harrowing, and preventable. If you know that you’re about to spend your next day entirely on the road, get a good night’s rest. Go to bed early, sleep in if you can, and then hit the road. Being drowsy behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous, especially if your passengers doze off and don’t notice you’re doing the same.

Emergency Kit

While you can prep all day long, accidents have the tendency to happen when we’re least prepared. So, do the exact opposite. Pack an emergency kit with jumper cables, a flashlight, flares, batteries, first-aid, blankets, water, and a solar phone charger. Whatever you need in your emergency kit, add the essentials, and those things as well.

Plan for stops on long hauls

If you’re driving from New York to Florida, plan accordingly. You have a long, long trip ahead of you. Plan for spending a night here and there in a hotel. Plan ahead of time, book hotels, get some sleep, and then conquer another 6 hours of driving. While you might feel perfectly fine to keep driving by the time you reach your hotel, put safety first.

Road trip safety comes in many different forms, but it all starts with proper preparation. So, take the time, plan accordingly, and conquer that trip. We guarantee you’ll have loads of fun, but always take the time to plan for ‘what if’.