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We understand that traffic stops, tickets, and the resulting questions and concerns don’t always happen during business hours. For this reason, our SC traffic attorneys here at Robert J. Reeves P.C. provide their personal cell phone numbers and urge you to call whenever you need them. Whether it be weekends, holidays, evenings, or any time of day— our team is here to ease your mind and answer your questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible. So, contact our SC traffic team today and let us get started on your defense. Every case is different, as is every outcome. However, with the right attorney, you might just find a better result, or at the very least— you will know what to expect of your case to come. 

For business hour questions, consultations, or requests, please call Zac Fry at 803.250.9454​ or

For after hours inquiries, please call Robert J. Reeves directly at 864.760.8252 or

Lastly, for non-urgent inquiries or requests, please use the form provided below. Our attorneys will contact you as soon as possible with in-depth answers. However, if you need answers quickly, please contact us via phone using the numbers provided above.