You spend a lot of time in your car, so why drive around in filth? Both the interior and exterior of your vehicle can get really dirty over time. With a little time and TLC, your car can look and smell great again. Whether you are wanting to form new habits or do a whole overhaul on your car, these tips will help you have a clean vehicle.

How-to Have a Clean Vehicle: Steps to Take (SC Traf- A)


To have a clean vehicle, start by removing all of the trash from the interior and organizing the remaining items. To prevent trash build-up in the future, put a bag in the car that can serve as a trash bag. It is common for people to just have a lot of clutter laying around in their cars. In order to better organize that stuff, put everything into a tub or box to keep all of your extra items in one place. They even sell trunk organizers just for that purpose! Extra coins can be stored in a coin drawer, if the car has one. Otherwise, use a small container or even a ziplock bag in order to keep your change all together. Also, make it a goal to take one unneeded thing out every time you get out of your car to go in your home.

Use a vacuum up all of the extra dirt and crumbs out of your car. If the floor mats are exceptionally dirty, remove them, and wash them separately outside of the car. If your cupholders tend to get sticky from drinks, you can place silicone cupcake liners in them. This will allow for easy removal and cleaning. Additionally, use a cleaning agent like Armor All to clean your dashboard and other surfaces in the car. This will help wipe away dust and other buildup. An air freshener will make your car smell fresh if you have any funky odors lingering around.


Having a clean vehicle also means having a clean exterior. You can wash your car on your own or at a car wash. If you are taking it to a touchless carwash, your car will have less of a chance of getting scratched by the brushes. When washing your car by hand, use a soap that is meant for auto paint. Start at the top, and work your way down. You’ll likely have to spend more time on the wheels and tires, as this is where most of the dirt gets built up.

Applying wax to your car will help to protect the paint and make the car shine. Remember to wipe off bird poop as soon as possible. The highly-acidic droppings can damage your car’s finish.

With just a few steps and a little time, you can have a clean vehicle. Take time to clean out the inside and wash the outside. The more you keep up with it, the less time you’ll have to put into doing a big clean later on.